List of names in my family tree

This photo taken at Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey is a list of 13th Century Archers based in the castle at that time – I have yet to find out if Symon Gosselin is a relation.

The list below includes all the names I have come across so far in my search for my ancestors:

(the asterix * separates each  new generation and family groups)


Edith May Bouchere – b.1920  (wife of Rene Jean Gosselin)


Thomas Brehaut – c.1801


Louise Brehaut  (wife of Alfred Gallienne)


William Davy – c.1790 (husband of Mary De France)


Mary Ann Davey – b.1819

Isaac William Davey – b.1821 (husband of Ann ‘Nancy’ Le Breton)

(William) George Davey – c.1826

Rachel Mary Davey – 1813?


Isaac William Davey – b.1851 (husband of Elenore Goudge)

(Cpt?) William Davey – b.1852

Anne Elizabeth Davey – b.1855

Mary Frances Davey – b.1856


George Perchard Davey – b.1885


George Davey – b.1911


Kenneth George Davey – b.1927


Mary De France – c.1790  (wife of William Davy)

Catherine De Fraise De France


Alfred Gallienne – c.1841 (husband of Louise Brehaut)


Alfred Gallienne – c.1868

Albert Gallienne – b.1870 (husband of Florence Sophia Hamon)


Albert Gallienne – b.1904

Florence Gallienne – b.1905

Henry Gallienne – b.1910


Pierre Marie Jean Baptiste Gosselin – b.1885


Rene Jean Gosselin – b.1914

Henri Pierre Gosselin – b.1916

Blanche Olive Gosselin – b.1921

Antoinette Marie Gosselin – b.1922

Genevieve Gosselin – b.1924


Eleanore Goudge b.1855   (wife of Isaac W. Davey 1851)

Perchard Goudge


Philip J. Hamon


Florence Sophia Hamon – c.1884  (wife of Albert Gallienne)


Blanche Jehan – b.1890  (wife of Pierre Jean Baptiste Gosselin b.1885)


Eliza le Boutellier – c.1820  (wife of John Le Brocq)


Ann ‘Nancy’ Le Breton b.1827  (wife of Isaac W. Davey b.1821)


John  Le Brocq – c.1813


Eliza ‘Elizabeth’  Le Brocq – c.1840  (wife of Jean Louis Desire Lozuet)


Edith May Le Marquand – b.1896  (wife of Alfred Nicholas Bouchere)


Jean Louis Desire Lozue – c.1840’s (wife unknown)


John Lozuet – b.1866 (husband of Clara Anna Mabey)

Eliza Lozuet – b.1864


Clara Eliza Lozuet – b.1895

Ada Florence Le Brocq Lozuet – b.1897

Violet Florence Mabey Lozuet – b.1898

Mabel Maud Lozuet – b.1902

Elsie Lilian Lozuet – b.1907


James Mabey – b. 1827 – d.1871


Clara Anna Mabey – c.1867  (wife of John Lozuet)


Anna Mahaut – c.1853  (wife of Philip J. Hamon)


Jane Meech – b.1831  (wife of James Mabey)


Isaac Rabet

Pierre Rabet


Yves Marie Rabet – b.1856

Jeanne Marie Rabet – b.1864


Raymond Rabet – b.1896

Ada Maud Rabet – b.1899

Alice Rabet

Henri Yves Rabet – b.1902 (husband of Florence Anna Gallienne)

Albert Rabet – b.1905

William Rabet – c.1908


Barbara Rabet – b.1925

Grace Jeanne Rabet – b.1927 (wife of Kenneth George Davey)

Henry Rabet – b.1928

NOTE: should you notice any incorrect dates, please feel free to contact me and I will amend them.


  1. Hi my grandmother was Florence Ann Benest Le Breton (married name William) I understand that she was born in Jersey and later moved to Weymouth in Dorset I am wondering if she is any relation to you.

    1. Hi Mervyn,

      As far as I know there is not a Flornece Ann Bebest Le Breton in my tree. The Le Breton’s were a huge family. Florence’s middle name Benest could possibly be her mother’s maiden name as this was often the tradition to do this. Goodluck with your search and if I find her in my tree I will let you know.


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