Family name – Gosselin


One of the many crests that represent the GOSSELIN name.


The Gosselin name is meant to be of Norman origin and can be seen spelt many different ways:

Gosselin, Goslin, Gosline, Gossling, Gosselyn, Gossling,…

but in the records so far for my family I have only ever seen it spelt as ‘Gosselin’.

Rumour has it that my GOSSELIN ancestors came from Picardie (Picardy) in France. I haven’t yet been able to confirm that, but here is what I do know so far:

MY GRANDFATHER – Rene Jean Gosselin

1914 – born in Jersey on the 25 April.

1940 – Rene marries Edith May Bouchere.

1941 – Rene is living with his family at Elim, La Mare, Samares, whilst Jersey is under German Occupation during World War 2. He is working as a ‘grower’.

1977 – Rene dies on the 10 May.

MY GREAT GRANDFATHER – Pierre Marie Jean Baptiste Gosselin

1885 – born in Plaine Haute, Cotes-du-Nord, France on 26 June.

1900 – Pierre arrived in Jersey around the turn of the century when many French farmers came over to the island for work.

1911 – On the 2nd of  April 1911 Pierre was living at Hope Cottage, Samares, St. Clements  in Jersey when the 1911 census was taken. He was head of the household – married for one year – aged 26 – working as a ‘pay labourer on farm’. He was living with his wife Blanche Jehan – age 20 – work was ‘charing’ (char lady?)’.

1941 – Pierre is living with his family at Eden House, St. Clement whilst Jersey is under German Occupation during World War 2.

1956 – Pierre dies.


1845 – born ?


Eden House where the Gosselin's lived during World War 2.



Looking at GOOGLE Maps there is a road leading to the town of La Haye Du Puits, Normandy  called ‘La Rue de la Gosselinerie’.



    1. Hi im jacoby lucien gosselin, id like to know more about my family, my great grandfather
      (George lucien gosselin sr.) Anr my great grandmother (lillian gosselin (gagnon) ) came from quebec, they went to fall river, mass in the 1930s and id like to know more about my history

  1. When I lived in Normandy, I noticed there were several pages of Gosselin’s in the phone book, but not as many anywhere else I lived…so definitely a Normandy connection! Must explore this Gosselinerie… sounds like a factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Gwen,

      Although I have only tracked our ancestors back to Cotes D’Amor I am sure there would have been some travel between Brittany and Normandy at some point in history. It would be great to find out about the history of Gosselinerie Lane!

  2. Hi Ramona,
    I searched La Gosselinerie, and found this hamlet near Cherbourg:
    “La Gosselinerie is next to Saint-Symphorien-le-Valois and is located in Département de la Manche, Basse-Normandie, France”
    on this webs page:,2050246741n

    And there is also one in Geffosses, Normandie, near Coutance. The houses there look very similar to the ones in Jersey !

    1. Thanks Gaelle!

      I think I will definately have to plan another trip to France to visit Normandy and check out La Gosselinerie plus Plancoet in Brittany.

      1. salut ramona,
        la famille Gosselin est originaire de Prouville, dans la somme (80) France , c’est une famille de tisserand, puis maréchal ferrant à Plaine Haute (22) France.

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