On this day – Jeanne Marie Rabet was born in 1864

Finding Jeanne Rabet ( my great great grandmother) after quite a bit of research was a very exciting time. Two relatives in the family have Jeanne as their middle name and I have always wanted to know where it had come from. Finally one day a relative hands me over a marriage certificate with her name on. I am delighted, I can now tell my cousin why she has Jeanne as a middle name, we knew that she had been named after our grandmother Grace Jeanne Rabet, but I wanted to know why Grace had this as her middle name too. Middle names are often good sources of information as they are often from another member of the family (parents or uncles and aunties). The marriage certificate also confirmed for me the husbands name, Yves Marie Rabet and their father’s names. Here is Jeanne’s timeline and what I have found out so far:


I took this photo of the town sign on a visit to Ploeuc in January 2011. It was freezing cold and I went there by car, which was a lot more comfortable than how Jeanne would have made the journey to St. Malo. It would have taken maybe a day by horse and cart.

1864 – Jeanne was born on the 4 September 1864 in Ploeuc, Cotes du Nord, France. (The name Cotes du Nord was changed in 1990 to ‘Cotes d’Amor’ – Wikipedia)

1880 – Jeanne arrived in U.K.

1885 – Jeanne marries Yves Rabet (a Labourer also born in Ploeuc) in St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands in the presence of Francois Rabet & Marie Rowland.

Marriage certificate

1896 – Jeanne gives birth to son Raymond Frank Rabet in Trinity, Jersey. (There may have been other children born before Raymond).

1899 – Jeanne gives birth to a daughter Ada Maud Rabet in Trinity, Jersey. (or is it Hilda Rabet as the name keeps changing in the records?)

1901 – Jeanne is living in Trinity with her husband Yves and their children: Raymond, Ada and Alice (and a boarder Francois Demoy).

1902 – Jeanne gives birth to Henri Yves Rabet (my great grandfather) in Trinity, Jersey.

1908 – Jeanne gives birth to William Rabet in St. Saviours, Jersey.

1905 – Jeanne gives birth to Albert Rabet in St. Saviours, Jersey.

1911 – Jeanne is living with her husband Yves (farm labourer), and children: Hilda (Ada?), Alice and Henri.

1921 – Jeanne’s  Registration card states she is a ‘widow’ doing ‘housework’ to earn a living. She is living at Highfield Cottage, St. Saviour, Jersey.

1940 – Jeanne is now living at 3 Chevalier Road with her son-in-law Peter Le Vannais and her grandchildren. Her daughter Ada Rabet (now Le Vannais) is at Burleigh House on this day (is she working there  or living there?)

1946 – Jeanne is now living at Hauteville, St. John’s Road, Jersey.

1956 – On the 14 July Jeanne dies at the good age of 91. Where she is buried is unknown ( and on my list of  ‘Things to find out’).


Family tree research and projects are never finished and I will update Jeanne’s life as I come across more information. If you are related to Jeanne I hope you have found this post useful and interesting and if you have anything you could add to this timeline please feel free to share it! Have a good day…


  1. I am trying to find my DEMOY relatives. Demoy is the surname of my grandmother. Her grandparents werer John Demoy b.@1850 ?England and Maria/Moriah Reilly b. Ireland. The name DEMOY is not at all common in USA. My Demoy arrived in 1885 aboard the ?Gallant. He came with his wife and kids. I wonder if you have ever found more relations to the Francios Demoy? My Demoy came thru NY and then to PA…not so far from New Jersey, huh?

      1. Hello- I have found that my John Demoy seemingly was born in Galway Ireland, but it is believed that he also may have been born in England. The Demoy name is pretty rare..I am not ruling out Great Britain.

  2. We have been trying to do some of the Le Vannais Family History. Pierre Yves Le Vannais of 3 Chevalier Rd. We have 4 generations now and have some information on Ada and Gladys.

  3. Hi i am trying to piece together Edmond Leon Le Vannais i would like to know if he had any children i have a letter from him in 1948 talking to my mother he is my stepsisters father who was born in 1949 trying to do a family tree for her many thanks email me annick @westnet.com.au

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