Sailors & Able Seamen

Sailors, Seamen and Mariners

Definition of Able Seaman: A Seaman who reached a standard of skill above that of Ordinary Seaman (source: ‘Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades’)

The term ‘Mariner‘ was often used to record a mans profession in the Channel Islands records.  Living on a small island, there was bound to be a sailor somewhere in the family and sure enough there was…

William Davey – b.1852


Philip James Hamon – c.1835


Alfred Gallienne – b.1840


Jean Louis Desire Lozué – c.1840

John Lozuet – b.1866


Jean Mahaut – c.1819


The photo below is of John Lozuet (b.1866):

Is John wearing a sailor's outfit typical of the times?

I know that at sometime between 1880 to 1890  John Lozuet had his photo taken at a photographers in  San Francisco. The photographer was Elite & Lotz of 838 Market St., San Francisco, California. What I don’t know is how he got there or why? John’s first child was born in 1895 so therefore we can presume he was back in Jersey by then.

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