Agricultural and Farm Labourer

‘Until the Industrial Revolution, most of Britain’s national income was based on agriculture, so virtually everybody will find at least one ‘Ag Lab’ (agricultural labourer) tucked away in your family tree.’

(Colin Waters – An agricultural labour of love – Your Family History Magazine – October 2009)

In the 1911 census my grandmother’s grandfather Yves rabet (b.1854) is recorded as a ‘farm Labourer‘. He is 55 at the time and is living in town (St. Helier, Jersey).

It appears his main proffession was farm based. Yves Rabet was born in Ploeuc, Brittany and possibly arrived in Jersey around1885. He is living in Trinity which was and still is one of the few farming areas on the island. In the photo below Yves is described as a ‘cowman‘ as his occupation in 1915.

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