Mary Frances Davey – born 1856

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Mary Frances Davey is my 3rd great aunt. I have little information about her. What I do have needs  to be confirmed on my next visit to Jersey.

Here is her timeline:

1856 – Mary was born on the 29th September in St. Helier. The fourth child to Ann Le Breton and Isaac William Davey. I do not know the exact address.

1861 – Mary is five years old and is now living in the very crowded 14 Lempriere Street where the family reside for the next 30 years. She is living with father Isaac W. Davey who is working as a ships carpenter (age 40), her mother Ann (age 35), siblings Isaac W. Davey – scholar (age 9), William – scholar (age 8), Ann E. – scholar (age 7), Ester (age 3).

1871 – Mary is 15 years old. She is a ‘scholar’ and is living with her family at 14 Lempriere St. Her father Isaac, is working as a shipwright and her mother Ann, is now working as a Tavern Keeper. 14 Lempiere Street was known for many years as The Eagle Tavern until it was knocked down and turned into flats a few years ago. Her siblings are still at home. Isaac, a Shipwright, William, a Masons Labourer, Ann, an Apprentice Tailoress, Esther, Cecelia, Mathilda and Selina. That is ten members in all!

1876 –  On the 23rd April Mary married Albert Henry Moon at St. Andrews Church, St. Helier Albert was a master baker for most of his life and together they were to have 10 children between them. (Thank you to Kelly Le Quesne for this updated information 30/09/15) 

1877 – Birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth Moon

1879 – Birth of son Albert William Moon

1881 – Birth of daughter Cecelia Blanche Moon (Cecelia is named after her mother’s sister Cecelia Davey)

1883 – Birth of daughter Lilian Beatrice Moon

1885 – Birth of daughter Levinia Rose Moon

1887 – Birth of daughter Hilda Violet Moon

1888 – Birth of son Reginald James Moon

1891 – Birth of daughter Elsie Ruby Moon. In the 1891 census Mary is living with her large family at 70 New Street.

1893 – Birth of son Henry Harold Moon

1898 – Mary’s mother Ann ‘Nancy’ Le Breton dies aged 71 years old.

1900 – Mary’s father Isaac Willam Davey dies aged 78 years old.

1901 – In the 1901 census Mary is living with her family at 70 New Street.

1911 Mary is the head of household, living at 15 Duhamel Place, which means Albert was either away from home, had left the marriage or had passed away. As she is working as a dressmaker it maybe that Albert has now passed and Mary needs to earn a living.

1929 – Mary aged 72, died at 20 Seale Street. Jersey, Channel Islands.

If you have a Mary Moon (nee Davey) in your tree I would love to hear from you and maybe you could confirm a few facts for me.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. This is fab Mo just a couple of things mum was born on 10th March, not may. Gran was 92 when she died aunty Joyce is currently 92 and her birthday is Jan 27

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