Family reunions

You never know who you will sit next to on a plane. I was contacted recently by a lady who said she was sitting next to a couple who were travelling to Jersey to research their Davey family tree. She did a bit of her own research to help them and came across my name. This contact resulted in the lovely article in the Jersey Evening Post. Sadly, I couldn’t meet Frank and his wife Sue as I was in Sydney, but I did manage to get my mum to meet up with them before they left back for the USA. Frank is the half brother of my mum’s dad, Kenneth G. Davey and the resemblance is amazing!

Frank was over the moon to finally make contact with a relative and also that he has so many still alive and well in the island. The lady in the red shawl in the photo is my mum who has shared my love of researching the family tree and on many occasions walked around a cemetery or graveyard to find ancestors with me. Thanks mum!

You can read about it here: JEP Article

In July, I travelled back to Jersey for my younger sister’s wedding. Low and behold, another long lost relative from the Gallienne side of my family travelled to Jersey so we could finally meet up after much contact via the family tree platform It was a wonderful feeling and I get great satisfaction knowing that my blog and my research has managed to bring family together.

So I am taking this moment to thank you all for stopping by to read my blog.

Thank you!


  1. How amazing ! Your research is really quite something, thanks for sharing it with us, I always get much enjoyment reading your news :)) I was going to give it a like online, but have forgotten my wordpress credentials, sorry.. By the way have you heard of Substack ? It’s a really great platform for blogs, very user friendly, I’m just mentioning it because I use it. Loved seeing you in Jersey :)) Lots of love Gaëlle Gosselin +27 83 659 4754** | +33 6 48 32 87 22 |

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