Follow your female line!


Apparently, being a woman (and if records were kept from the beginning of time), I should be able to trace ‘My Eve‘. If it was possible and I did find my Eve I wouldn’t expect her to look anything like the idealistic image of Eve I have used in the picture above. And with all the scientific progress made nowadays, I don’t think Eve would be so fair haired or fair skinned either. But there are no records to way back then, so the alternative and ever increasingly more popular method is DNA.

If you find the topic of DNA and your female ancestry interesting then I thoroughly recommend the following book:

The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes

Sykes creates scenarios and little storylines to help you imagine each of the seven daughters possible lives!

This is my female line so far:

Me – Ramona Davey

My mother – Susan Davey

My mother’s mother – Grace Rabet – 1927 – 1998

Grace’s mother – Florence Gallienne – 1905 – 1936

Florence Gallienne’s  mother – Florence Hamon – 1884

Florence Hamon’s mother – Anna Marcelin Mahaut – c.1853

Anna’s mother – Ann ? – c.1819


Ann ? – c.1819

Ann ? was born in France. She married Jean Mahaut of France. At the moment my first evidence of Ann in Jersey is in the 1861 Census where she is living in St. Lawrence with her husband Jean (a labourer) and daughter Ann Marcelin Mahaut (a scholar).

Ann Marcelin Mahaut – 1854

Ann was born circa 1853 in St. Lawrence, Jersey, Channel Islands. Her parents were Jean (c.1839) and Ann Mahaut (c.1839) both born in France.  Ann marries Philip James Hamon a ‘mariner’. Ann gives birth to Florence Sophia Hamon.

Florence Sophia Hamon – 1884

Florence Hamon was born in 1884 in St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. She marries Albert Gallienne. In 1906 they have a daughter, Florence Anna Gallienne.

Florence Anna Gallienne – 1905

Florence Gallienne was born on the 29th December 1905. She married Henri Yves Rabet. Florence gives birth to my grandmother Grace Rabet.

Grace Rabet – 1927

Grace Rabet is born on the 26th June 1927. She marries Kenneth Davey. Grace gives birth to my mother Susan Davey.


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