Tracing Your French Surname

I have the following French/Jersey surnames in my ancestry:









Therefore, I have to do a lot of research amongst French records and websites. I have subscribed to a great website called The French Genealogy Blog.

I can’t recommend it highly enough for it’s value and substantive knowledge about researching your French ancestry. One of the posts focuses on French surnames and all the books and resources out there that may help you with your research.

A website they suggest that might be of great use to you is:

Good luck with your research!


French Genealogy and Family History

Of the 12 surnames I am researching 9 are of french origin. They are Bouchere, Gallienne, Gosselin, Jehan, Le Breton, Le Marquand, Lozuet, Mahaut, and Rabet.  Therefore, I  am having to look around for french genealogical websites and resources. I discovered one today via a Facebook group called The French Genealogy Blog . It covers topics such as:

  • Hidden marriages during the French Revolution
  • Huguenots
  • French Military Uniforms

and many more useful and interesting subjects.

St. Joseph’s Club Annual Dance 1939

The annual dance was held at the Merton Hotel in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The above photo was sent to me by an aunty. In it are my grandfather Rene Gosselin, aged about 24 (first on right in suit) and his future wife Edith Bouchere, aged about 17 (2nd from right with crossed legs). The photo is dated 16th March 1939. Life changed dramatically after this photo as the 2nd World War begun. This could have possibly been one of the last special occasions of fun, light-heartedness and a little bit of glamour for quite some time. Jersey was to be occupied by the German forces for 5 long hard years of very little luxury, so to have an image such as this is a joy and very precious.

Maybe you know of a relative that was also at this occasion. Can you recognise them? What were their names? Could you share it with us?

Any extra information is always gratefully recieved and enjoyed!