About Me

I am a ‘Jersey Bean’! I was born in Jersey, a little island between England and France. Jersey is the largest island of five in the Channel Islands. I am an avid family history fan and it is my mission to try and see how far back I can go with my heritage in the Channel Islands and beyond!

I started researching my family at the age of 17 which is generally quite a young age to start. It came about as one of many subjects I could choose as an extra curricular activity at my 6th form school. I have since collated quite a lot of information!

I initially started researching my surname: DAVEY  – and then decided that I should actually research my four grandparents surnames which are DAVEY, GALLIENNE, LOZUET and RABET.

As time has gone by I have started looking into many other surnames that I have discovered in my tree as my research progresses. So far my research has taken me to the following places for particular surnames:

FRANCE – for the surnames Gosselin, Jehan, Lozuet Rabet.

GUERNSEY – for the surnames BrehautDe France &  Gallienne.

JERSEY –  for the surnames Davey, Gosselin, Goudge, Hamon, Le Marquand, Lozuet, Mahaut & Rabet.

I am not a professional Genealogist. I am someone who gets great enjoyment out of researching her family history. Therefore there may be some errors in my research, however, if I am unsure about any details I have put on this website I will state that. Otherwise I hope you find my site interesting and enjoyable!

You can find out more about me here at my author page: Ramona Davey


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