Taverner & Victuallers


Taverner – ‘one who keeps a Tavern’, which is  ‘a public house where travellers and other transient guests are accommodated with rooms and meals; an inn; a hotel; especially, in modern times, a public house licensed to sell liquor in small quantities’. (www.encyclo.co.uk/webster/T/15)

VictuallerA person providing or selling food or other provisions.  Or ‘1. an innkeeper (especially British), 2. a supplier of victuals or supplies to an army’. (www.encyclo.co.uk/search.php)

Interesting Link – for more information about this profession go to the following link: Tracing ancestors who worked in pubs


1871 – My ancestor, Isaac William Davey (b.1821) is living at 14 Lempriere St. otherwise known as ‘The Eagle Tavern’. His wife Ann Le Breton is  recorded in the census as a ‘Tavern Keeper‘. Maybe this is where he met her after a long days hard work as a ‘shipwright’. Ten years later and Isaac has decided to join his wife.

1881Isaac William Davey (b.1821) is recorded as a ‘Victualler‘. Is this in the Eagle Tavern in St. Helier with his wife?

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