Blanche Jehan was born – 1890

On the 9th August 1890, my great grandmother, Blanche Jehan was born. Like many other french families at the turn of the century 1900, Blanche arrived in Jersey with her family for work and to live. It might have been a temporary move until the family had earned some money or a permanent move as there was no work in their home towns.

The following timeline shows the events of Blanche’s life that I am aware of:

  • 1890 – Blanche Marie Josephine Jehan is born in Plancoet, Cotes-d’Amor, Bretagne, France. The names of her parents are unknown.
  • 1911 Census – Blanche is 21 years old and is living with her husband Pierre, a farm labourer, at Samares, St. Clements, Jersey.
  • 1912 – Blanche, aged 22, gives birth to a son, Peter Gosselin.
  • 1914 – Blanche, 23, gives birth to another son, my grandfather, Rene Jean Gosselin on the 25th April.
  • 1916 – Blanche, 26, gives birth to her third son, Henri Pierre Gosselin.
  • 1921 – Blanche, 30, gives birth to a daughter, Blanche Olive Gosselin.
  • 1922 – Blanche, 31, gives birth to a second daughter, Antoinette Gosselin.
  • 1924 – Blanche, 34,  gives birth to another daughter, Genevieve Augustine Henriette Gosselin.
  • 1944 – According to the image below Blanche died on 6th February 1944 (UPDATED: Aug. 2014). She is not buried until two months later. This seems quite a long time but this is during WW2 and the island is still being occupied by German forces, so maybe the normal burial service is different. Resources are sparce.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 7.52.08 AM

  • 1944 – On the 6th June Blanche is buried in St. Clements Churchyard. She is only 53 years old. (UPDATED: Aug. 2014)
Map of coast of France, Channel Sea and Jersey – highlighting the close distance and route travelled by my ancestors.

The stars in the above image of the map show Plaine Haute (first star on left), where Blanche’s husband was born. Plancoet, where Blanche was born, St. Malo the possible harbour they left from to sail to Jersey and the island of Jersey. It is unknown how Pierre and Blanche met. Maybe it was on their travels by road through France. Maybe it was at the harbour or on the boat. Or maybe it was in Jersey? Whatever the circumstances, without that meeting my grandfather Rene would not have been born, nor my father, nor me.

That is all I have about Blanche’s life. Maybe you can provide more information. The following list shows some things I need to find out about Blanche:

  • When did Blanche marry Pierre Gosselin?
  • When did Blanche die and where is she buried? – UPDATE: Blanche is buried in St. Clement’s churchyard, Jersey alongside many other family members. See link here: Burial Records
  • What were the names of her parents?

As I get ready to send this post I find an old note with two names that seem to be Blanche’s parents names:

  • her father – Eugene Marie Joseph Jehan- born April 1857 – Plancoët, Côtes-d’Armor, Bretagne, France
  • her mother – Blanche Félicie Marie LeClerc – born February 1854 – Plancoët, Côtes-d’Armor, Bretagne, France.

UPDATE: I can confirm that the two people aboe, Eugene Jehan and Felicie LeClerc are Blanche Jehan’s parents.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  1. Thanks Ramona, that’s really interesting. I had no idea our great grand mother came from Bretagne! Guess I do deserve my celtic name then!! How do you come up with all that info? Online? You’re not exactly down the road from jersey archives these days!!!!

  2. Hi,

    On the question of where and when your great grandmother died:

    – the first place to check is the catalogue of the Jersey Archive. If she was still a French national in 1940 she would have an Alien’s Registration Card, but she might also have an ordinary registration card (what we call a blue card). It turns out that she has both.
    – the fact that there is a card strongly suggests she survived the war. The Germans were careful to collect registration cards of the deceased as they had no wish for people to creatively alter them to provide fake papers.
    – thereafter, if she died in Jersey she would be listed in the records kept by the Superintendent Registrar in Royal Square. This creates a problem, because you would have to manually search thousands of records. She may have died in St Clement (which would make it an easy search), but she may have ended up in the General Hospital, or if she was a Catholic she might well have ended her days at Hauteville (the home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor).
    – HOWEVER: there may be a short cut. The Archive acquired the records of one of the island’s funeral directors including all its constituent companies a year or two ago, and volunteers (I’m one) are transcribing the records to be added to the archive catalogue. It’s still very incomplete, but there are some records now up to about 1956-7. But even that leaves your grandmother aged only 67, and if she lived longer you’ll need to carry out the manual search.

    Hope this is some help.

    James McLaren
    Journal Editor, Channel Island Family History Society

    1. James,

      Many thanks for stopping by my blog and contributing such a wealth of information. I will certainly make an effort to research her Aliens’ Registration Card and her Blue card. I have ordered these before for other ancestors and they are invaluable sources of information. I now know that Blanche was buried in St. Clement’s with her husband, so I will have to make a point of visiting the graveyard on my next visit to Jersey next year, can’t wait!



  3. Bonjour, je m’appel michaël Jehan et ma famille est originaire de Plancoët, je fait de la généalogie depuis au moins 25 ans, c’est une de mes grandes passion.
    Je suis tombé sur ton site par hasard.
    Si tu fait encore des recherches sur la famille Jehan, je peux te venir en aide.

    1. Bonjour Michael!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog My Channel Island Ancestry and sharing your details. I am delighted you have visited! I wonder, do you have Blanche’s parents in your tree:

      her father – Eugene Marie Joseph Jehan- born April 1857 – Plancoët, Côtes-d’Armor, Bretagne, France

      her mother – Blanche Félicie Marie LeClerc – born February 1854 – Plancoët, Côtes-d’Armor, Bretagne, France.

      I look forward to hearing from you,


        OUI, j’ai les parents de blanche dans mon arbre généalogique, blanche était , la cousine de mon arrière grand père René Jehan.

        Eugène Marie joseph Jehan et Blanche Félicie Leclerc sont les parents de Blanche marie Joséphine Jehan.
        ils se sont mariés à Plancoët le 23 février 1881.

        les parents de Eugène Jehan étaient jacques François Jehan et Victoire Gillette Gaultier, ils étaient marchands et se sont mariés à Plancoët le 27 Octobre 1852.

        Ils ont eu 4 enfants: – René louis Ferdinand, né le 27/03/1851 reconnu après le mariage.(mon aïeul),(maréchal ferrant, Mécanicien, forgeron)

        -Charles marie François, né le18/10/1853.(Bourrelier)

        – Eugène marie joseph, né le 16/04/1857.(Tailleur d’habits)

        – Marie victoire augustine, Née le 24/04/1859. sans profession, inhumée le 06 aout 1846 à Plancoët, (17 ans)

        Eugène Jehan était tailleur d’habits (de Profession, métier), il a divorcé de blanche Félicie Leclerc et s’est remarié avec Rosalie Françoise Gaudrel à Corseul le 27 Novembre1901.

        Blanche Leclerc était propriétaire, c’est a dire qu’elle possédait des maisons et des terres et qu’elle vivait de ses rentes, ont dit rentière.

        Son père Charles marie Leclerc était originaire de Saint-Malo D’une famille de corsaire, il était peintre en bâtiment, doreur et propriétaire.

        Il s’est marié à Plancoët le 06 Septembre1843 avec Augustine clémence Nabucet ménagère de profession.

        Voilà pour le moment.

        Si vous souhaitez d’autres informations, je vous les donnerais avec le plus grand plaisir!

        J’attend vos questions,


  4. Hello again Michael,

    I have shared your details with my family and they are very excited at the new details of Blanche’s family that you have shared with us. Also, my wonderful french cousin Gwedolyne has translated your message for me. (My french is not very good.)

    You have given me so much more to work with and add to my tree and I appreciate it wholeheartedly.

    It is always great to discover your ancestors proffessions, dates of marriage (which are often tricky) and places of birth.

    I shall be in contact!

    Ramona 🙂

    1. hello ramona,

      Je suis content que mes informations, vous ont permis d’avancer dans vos recherches.
      je souhaite me présenter.

      Comme vous le savez my name is michaël Jehan, je vis à Riec sur Bélon dans le département du finistère, Région Bretagne.
      J’ai 39 ans, je suis marié et j’ai 3 enfants.

      Je suis technicien, inséminateur, échographe de métier (inséminator of cows), c’est un métier très dur mais, très intéressant aussi.
      Voilà les présentations sont faites.

      Je vais te faire le lien entre moi et votre ancêtre blanche.

      Michaël Jehan > émmanuel Jehan > jean Jehan > René Jehan > rené Jehan > jacques Jehan…etc
      père Grand-père arrière-grand-père arrière-arrière-grand-père ar-ar-ar-gr-père.etc
      eugène Jehan
      blanche Jehan > frère de rené >
      Je reste aussi en contact!


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