Albert Philip Gallienne – born 25th June 1904

On the 25th June 1904 Albert Philip Galienne was born. As far as I know, he was the first of four children to Albert Gallienne (b.1870) and Florence Sophia Hamon (b. 1883). He was my great grandmother’s older brother.

Here is the very little I know about his life:

1904 – Albert Philip Gallienne is born on the 25th June in Union Street, Jersey, Channel Islands.

1904 – On the 10th July Albert is baptised in the Parish of St. Helier. Details on the record are as follows: Mother – Florence Sophia Hamon. Father – Philip James Hamon (a Mason). Godparent –  Ann Hamon (possibly the mother Florence’s older sister – Anna Evaline Hamon b.1875)

1911 – Aged 7 Albert is living at 1 Gregory’s Cottages, James Street, St. Helier, Jersey with his father, mother, sister Florence and brother Henry.

1944 – Aged 36 Albert is living at 20 Halkett Place, he is married and is working as a ‘chargehand’. (Details from Registration Card of Albert Philip Gallienne, born 25/06/1904, and Albert Gallienne registered as a child on the back of the blue form)


I have no further details about Albert’s life. Interestingly enough I have just looked on the Jersey archives website to double check his address. On the identity card Albert is living at 120 Halkett Place. On the list of addresses on the website there is no such place as 120 Halkett Place. Under his name on the website he is listed as living at 20 Halkett Place.

So I ‘Googled’ 120 Halkett Place and may have just discovered his wife here: 120 Halkett Place

It is still a mystery as to whether Albert lived at 20 or 120 Halkett Place and I will have to try and solve it.

I would love to hear from anyone who can confirm any of the above details or even better add to Albert’s currently very short timeline.

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