More mystery photos – set 2

A while ago a reader contacted me to say that he had purchased a photo album which contained photographs of unknown people in the 1930’s. He believed that some, if not all the photos may have been taken in Jersey. He was correct as you can read here in a previous post: Mystery family holiday photos from reader.

Today I am uploading the second batch from his collection, which are fabulous. It is hard to say if they are in Jersey or not, but hopefully one of my lovely readers may recognise something.

richard - lady in cloche

A beautiful portrait photo of a young lady in a cloche hat.

Do you recognise this young lady or the interesting broach she is wearing?

richard - lady with dog

Who is this rather fashionable lady with her pet dog? Interesting style of hat too.

richard - mature couple by church

A well dressed couple at a special occasion

Do you recognise which church this may be? The window shape and the paving on the floor may be a clue.

richard - old lady in chacked dress

A very smart woman standing infront of her vegetable patch.

Do you recognise this woman and are they rhubarb plants behind her? I wonder too if the granite wall and stone borders have been painted white as is often seen in Jersey?

If you recognise any of these photos I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks to Richard for sharing his wonderful photos!


Mystery family holiday photos from reader

A little while ago, a reader contacted me and said the following:

“I recently purchased a photo album, which contained postcards & photographs of unknown people in the 1930s. I believe the pictures were taken in Jersey as there were many taken of Jersey airport. I would like to include these photos on your Mystery People & Places site.”

It is a great selection of someone’s holiday shots and it would be great to be able to identify the people and places in them! The following 2 photos were definately taken in Jersey:


Jersey Airport has since been renovated, added to and expanded. Maybe you can date this postcard?


Who is this young lady sitting infront of Corbiere Lighthouse?

Corbiere Lighthouse is still a popular photo spot for both locals and tourists. Is this your ancestor who was either living in Jersey or on holiday at the time?


*** The following photos are of mystery people and places***


Unidentified houses and location - do you recognise these buildings?

The photo of the three buildings on the edge of the beach are unidentified. I am not too sure this is in Jersey.


Where is this magnificent building behind the row of beach huts?

I do not recognise this location. Hopefully, the great building behind the beach huts maybe familiar to someone reading this blog. Or maybe you recognise the young couple in their swimsuits which date about mid 1930. Click on the following blog to see some other examples of 1930’s swimwear:


Notice the lady is wearing a strange type of beach shoe.


Do you recognise anyone in this group?


I cannot identify the building in the background. Notice that the young boy behind the group is getting out of a pool. Where is this?


Is this a wedding photo?


I wonder if these photos are of a family travelling to Jersey for a wedding or something similar?


Many thanks to Richard who sent these photos to me and many more. There will be more posts including his photos to follow.


If you recognise a place or person in any of these photos, please write in and let me know, it would be good to hear from you.

Mystery person in photo is identified – photo 4

Yesterday a reader identified the person in the photo below from my selection of photos on my  Mystery people & places page. It is so great when this happens!

We now know that this young lady in the photo above is Barbara Rabet, my grandmother’s older sister. Her age and the outfit she is wearing is still unknown. I know that my grandmother joined the Wrens for a very brief time, but from my research on the web, Barbara’s outfit does not match the wrens uniform, in particular the hat. Unless Jersey Wrens wore a slightly different hat?

Anyway my thanks goes to the reader for identifying one of my mystery photos, and I look forward to sharing this information with my family!