Edmund Blampied 1886 – 1966

Edmund Blampied - An Illustrated Life - by Andrew Hall

While searching websites that may be relevant to viewers of my family history webpages I came across this exhibition on Edmund Blampied at the Jersey Museum 10 April – 31 October 2010. Sadly I won’t be in the Island to see it, but if you are then I thoroughly recommend it as it looks like it is going to be absolutely fascinating! It is called ‘Blam the Unexpected’ and focuses on his less well known illustrations.

A brief timeline:

1886 – Edmund Blampied was born in St. Martins Parish in Jersey on 30th March.

1903 – Edmund aged 16, went to London to study at Lambeth Art School.

1914 – Edmund aged 28, marries Marianne van Abbe’ of Amsterdam on 15 August. Edmund and Marianne did not have any children together.

1931 – Edmund sketches ‘Le Chef d’Oeuvre’.

1940-1945 – Edmund lived in Jersey through the whole of the Occupation during WW2.

1966 – Edmund died in Jersey on 26 August, aged 80 years old. His ashes were scattered in St Aubin’s Bay, Jersey.

He is well known for his very atmospheric black and white etchings portraying the olden days. Most islanders will be familiar with his name and his work and a new exhibition in his name will be a good reminder of his achievements. Let me know what the exhibition was like, I would love that!

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