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I am about to embark on an old journey but in a new format of blogging and posting. This I hope will enable me to find out more about my family history in the wonderful Jersey in the Channel Islands in which I was born.  I will endeavor to find out more about my heritage in the Channel Islands and beyond!


  1. Hi, I am Beatrice Jarnet. Also born in St.Martins Jersey. My father came from Ploeuc also his great great parents. who still there. My mother came from Plougonver CDN & met him in Jersey. I have lost contact with my Australian cousins. A school friend of mine is writing a Book on the 140 farms in Jersey during the War & was astounded as farmers moved around a lot due to 3/5 year leases. Rgds Beatrice

    1. Hi Beatrice,

      Thank you for visiting My Channel Island Ancestry and for sharing your family history with me and my readers. Your friend’s book sounds fascinating. If you could let me know when it is published that would be great as I would be keen to read a copy. I would be especially interested to read about the frequent relocations of the farmers as this sounds particularly interesting.


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