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Family Name – Gallienne

My great grandmother Florence Anna Gallienne pushing the pram.


The name Gallienne is recorded as early as the 1300′s in the  Assize Roll of 1309. The Assize Roll was held every 3 years in Jersey and was conducted by justices from France. The word assize refers to the sittings or sessions  of the judges, known as “justices of assize”. The old french word was ‘assises’.

‘Gallic and Gallienne were old types of ships, galley and galleon ; so the names were probably given to sailors.’  (Some Jersey Surnames: Their origin and their meaning – G.R. Balleinne, Societe Jersiaise Bulletin, 1940)


It took a while, but I have since discovered that the origins of the Gallienne members of my family came across from Guernsey to Jersey at the turn of the century 1900.


Alfred Gallienne – b.1841 Torteval, Guernsey. He marries Louise Brehaut (born c.1833) in St. Pierre Du Bois, Guernsey. Their children were:

Alfred Gallienne – born c.1868

Albert Gallienne – born c.1869

Louisa Gallienne – born c. 1870

Albert Gallienne (b.1869) marries Florence Sophia Hamon (born c.1884) of St. Helier, Jersey. Albert must have left Guernsey around 1904 when his first child was born in Jersey. Their children were:

Albert Philip Gallienne – born 1904

Florence Anna Gallienne – born  29th December 1905

Henry Gallienne – born 1910

5 thoughts on “Family Name – Gallienne

  1. There were earlier Galliennes in Jersey who married into my family. Connected to the Helleurs and the Pipons – My great great grandfather Thomas Le Rouley married an Ann Jane Gallienne. Her father was Matthieu Gallienne and her mother was Susanne Helleur. Haven’t dates on me at the moment, but know this was Jersey in the early half of the 1800′s. Not sure if there is any link but thought I would share anyway. Best wishes, Anna Baghiani

  2. HI there

    My mothers family were Galliennes – Edward and Marie. They came over from Guernsey to Jersey and most of their children were born in Guernsey and originaly had French names which they changed to the English version – Henri to Henry. My great aunt Clementine I believe stayed in Guernsey.

    • Hi Tracey,

      Thank you for stopping by My Channel Island Ancestry. I have not come across an Edward or Marie Gallienne in my tree as of yet. But I never know what I may find in the future, so I will keep your family names in mind. I have found my Gallienne’s to be quite a tricky family to research so I know very little about them. Gallienne is definately a common Guernsey surname and many still live in the island today.



  3. Hi , my name is Manon Toutant , i am a french canadian born in Sept- Iles, Quebec. My grand mother ‘s name is Gallienne. From what i have learned, my ancester came from Jersey island. I may visit the island this summer and try to meet some ” cousins”!


    Manon Toutant

  4. Hi I am researching my Gallienne roots in Jersey. My G G G Grandfather was a sailor, eventually a captain his name was George Gallienne, he had a brother Phillip. They both immigrated to Australia. George married Amelia Dodge in Sydney Australia.

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