100 years Anniversary of the Titanic

Today is the hundred year anniversary of the tragic sinking of the passenger liner RMS Titanic.

As usual, when I read about these kind of events, I wonder to myself, were there any Jersey people involved. According to the records on Ancestry.com there are a few Guernsey and Jersey people on the list. Here they are.

From Jersey:

UK, RMS Titanic, Deaths at Sea, 1912 – Name: P Ahier – Birth: abt 1892 Jersey – Residence: Southampton

From Guernsey:

UK, RMS Titanic, Deaths at Sea, 1912 – Name: H Ingroville – Birth: abt 1891 Guernsey – Residence: Southampton

UK, RMS Titanic, Deaths at Sea, 1912 – Name: A Whitford – Birth: abt 1875 Guernsey – Residence: Southampton

From Channel Islands:

UK, RMS Titanic, Deaths at Sea, 1912 – Name: Harry Williams – Birth: abt 1884 – Residence: Channel Islands


I also wonder what kind of coverage the local Evening Post (first publishing in 1890) would have written about this awful event.

Jersey and it’s locals with its seabaring history would have been no stranger to tragedy at sea. Even so, such a momentous trip held a lot of hope and sense of achievement, which was lost in an incredibly quick amount of time.


To find out more about the Titanic visit the link www.rmstitanic.net


  1. Hi Mo,
    Interestingly enough, I bought a book at xmas for Tots. It was about the Jersey / Guernsey connection to the Titanic. According to the book , there were 26 people aboard on that tragic day that had Channel Island connections.
    I had it signed at waterstones by the author.

    1. Thanks for that information Ron, I could only find a few connections on the Ancestry records. Could you give me the name of the book so I can put it on the blog. Thanks

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