Isaac Davey marries Ellenora Goudge

One hundred and thirty six years ago today, on the 4th January 1876, my great great grandfather married Ellen Goudge. The marriage details are as follows;


Date: January 4th 1876

Name: Isaac William Davey

Age: 24

Status: Bachelor

Profession: Shipwright

Place of residence at time of marriage: St. Helier, Jersey (possibly 14 Lempriere Street – where the old Eagle Tavern once stood)

Place of birth: St. Helier

Father: Isaac William Davey

Rank: Shipwright

* * * * *

Name: Ellen Goudge (Ellen’s names have been spelt in a variety of ways; Eleonore/Gouge/Goodge)

Age: 21

Status: Spinster

Place of residence at time of marriage: St. Helier, Jersey

Place of birth: Grouville

Father: Henry Goudge

Rank: Mariner

En presence de: A. H. Moon & Mary Frances Davey (Isaac’s brother-in-law and younger sister)

Vicar: Rich? Bellis (hard to decipher)

* * * * *

Isaac and Ellen are still together 35 years later in the 1911 census at 21 Charles Street, Jersey with Elle’s mother (a widow, aged 81) and grandson, John Philip Bree (aged 25, a baker). In the 1911 census it states that out of the 8 children Isaac and Ellen had together 4 are still alive. This creates a bit of a mystery for me, as I am only aware of 7 of their children: Isaac, James, Elenore, George (my great grandfather), Eva, William and Violet.

I have no images of the couple unlike my french ancestors of the same era who had immigration cards with photos.

If you have any more information on this couple I would love to hear from you!


  1. HI there read your item, on.I.W. DAVEY – E. GOUDGE my wife is decended from them, her grans surname was Davey itraced the family from 1800 in Cornwall. i only got 7 children from the records i have not got EVA, but i have CECILA born 1876. hope this is okay for you.

    From Tony Planner

    1. Hi Tony,

      I do not have a Cecilia in my records but am intrigued so I will doa search for her. I know very little about Eva and fear that she may not have survived childhood. She is not in the 1891 census with her family when she would be only 3 years old.

  2. hi there again.just to say about my wifes grandmother ,she was the youngest child of I.W.D &E.G.,her name was VIOLET MAY DAVEY.& she was born 22nd May 1893 and she passed away in 1964 ,She married a WILLROY JOSEPH BRYANT in Plymouth in 1914 and in 1922 they were living at 21 Charles St.

    1. Thanks for confirming Violets birth details, this is great information. I knew she married Willroy but did not know where or the date.
      Violet’s parents were also living at 21 Charles Street 10 years earlier, so this must have been a family home.

  3. HI its me again the john philip Bree was the son of JOHN BREE who married a MARY SUZANNE GOUDGE on 16th October 1885 she was22at the time her parents were HENRY GOUDGE & ELENORA PERCHARD HOPE this is of interest to you if you have not got it.

    1. Hi again Tony,

      Thank you for confirming Violets birthdate as I had the 12th May, not the 22nd.

      There is a great photo of Violets son, Joseph, in an internement camp in Laufen at the Jersey Archives online records. Her husband and son were both sent away during WW2. I mean ‘great’ in the nicest possible way, as in fascinating. A very strong looking young lad.

      Thank you too for the details about John Bree, I shall put them in my records. Did Violet come back to Jersey after the war? As my records show that she was transported too.

      I have no photos of Violet when she was young sadly, only her WW2 identity photo.

      Do you know what happened to Violets older brother James, did he go to London to live as a baker?

      Please feel free to ask me any questions.

      I saw a photo of Violet once on a family tree at the archives – kids had been doing this as a school project. The family name was Bevis. Funnily enough I had been to school with the younger Bevis brothers.


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