Isaac William Davey marries Ann Le Breton

On the 27th November 1850, my 3rd great-grandfather, Isaac William Davey married Ann ‘Nancy’ Le Breton in the Parish of St. Helier.

Isaac – age 28 – Bachelor – Shipwright – POB: St. Helier – father: William Davey (a Carter)

Ann – age 24 – Spinster – no job – POB: St. Saviours – father: Philip Le Breton (a Thatcher)

The witnesses to this marriage were Charles Le Breton ( who I think is one of Ann’s 11 siblings) and Maria Payne (connection unknown).

Marriage certificates are a wealth of information, some of which will confirm many details you have already discovered which is always a great feeling. The certificate confirms or informs me for the first time who Isaac’s father is. This then gives me another name one more generation further back!

Other information will only lead to more confusion. In my other records of Ann I have her birth place as St. Clements. (Maybe she lived on the border of the two parishes).

I do not know which church they married in. I do know that St. Simon’s and St. Saviours church were both popular with the Davey family.

In the next year Isaac and Ann are living together in Breton Yard. I have not been able to find this location, although I have found a Breton Lane near the Jersey Archives building. Just over a year later, they have their first child, Isaac William Davey on 30th December 1851.  They are together for another 40 years and have 9 children.

I get the impression they were quite a strong couple. They lived together above the Eagle Tavern with her children and at times their grandchildren too! I am almost sure Ann worked in the Eagle Tavern for quite a while as she was at one time a Tavern Keeper aged 44. I do not know when Ann died or where (these are on my list of things to find out).

UPDATE: I have since found out that Ann died aged 71 and was buried on the 4th February 1898 in Almorah Cemetery alongside two of her babies: James (11 months) and Rachel (1 month) and an unknown person Louisa Ann Moyse.

In October 1899, nine months before he dies at the age of 78, Isaac writes his last will where he states that he wishes to be ‘interred in Almorah Cemetery’ where his ‘beloved wife now lies’. Fond words to the very end.

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