On this day – Jeanne Marie Rabet was born in 1864 (via My Channel Island Ancestry)

It’s been a year since I wrote this post below. I still have not been able to find out where Jeanne or her husband were buried.

The exciting thing is that descendants of Jeanne’s sons Raymond and Albert have been in touch with me during the past year and have given me so much more information which is fantastic.

Nevertheless, I am determined to find her final resting place one day!

On this day - Jeanne Marie Rabet was born in 1864 Finding Jeanne Rabet ( my great great grandmother) after quite a bit of research was a very exciting time. Two relatives in the family have Jeanne as their middle name and I have always wanted to know where it had come from. Finally one day a relative hands me over a marriage certificate with her name on. I am delighted, I can now tell my cousin why she has Jeanne as a middle name, we knew that she had been named after our grandmother Grace Jeann … Read More

via My Channel Island Ancestry

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