Eliza Lozuet gives birth to a son


On this day, the 18th July 1892, (119 years ago) Eliza Lozuet gave birth to a son. She named him Octave Theobald John Duthel. The boy was named after his father,  Octave Theobald Duthel. The only difference being that her son also had the name ‘John’. I can only presume this is after Eliza’s own brother John Lozuet, my great, great grandfather. Eliza’s husband Octave was a ‘Tobacconist’ when their son was born. Eliza’s own grandmother, Eliza Le Brocq, was the godparent at the christening of her son Octave.  The address that Eliza and her husband were living in at the time was Motivier Lane, King Street, St. Helier, Jersey. I couldn’t find Motivier Lane on Google maps, therefore I do not know if this lane still exists?


Nine years later Eliza has moved to England with her family Octave and son John (they seem to have adopted his middle name rather than use Octave). They are now  living in 30 Dock Terrace, St. Mary’s, Hampshire, England. Eliza is working as a ‘grocer’s assistant, while her husband Octave is working as a ‘dock labourer’. This is an interesting change of profession for the husband. Tobacconists had not gone out of fashion then like they have now and moving to England to be a dock labourer seems a bit extreme, considering this was the kind of job he could have done in Jersey. Why they moved is a mystery.


I can’t find the family in the 1911 census.


In the Jersey Heritage Trust online archive records I found  Octave John Duthiel of 26 Commercial Buildings, St. Helier, Jersey. I am not too sure if this is where he works or where he lives at the time. (Duthiel is an alternative spelling I have noticed a few times) . His details are on his registration card which were given to all islanders during World War Two. The date is 13th January 1941. John would be about 49 years old.

The unknowns:

What happened to ‘John’ Octave Junior? Why did he come back to Jersey?

When and where did Eliza Lozuet die. Did she ever come back to Jersey?

What happened to Octave Senior?

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