Muratti Final 1933

My great grandparents watching Jersey and Guernsey play football.

Seventy eight years ago today, on the  20th April 1933  my great grandmother Florence Anna  Gallienne (sitting at the top) and her husband Henri Yves Rabet (to her right) watched the Jersey football team play against Guernsey for the annual Muratti Final.  Florence is 28 years old and Henri is 30 years old when this photo is taken. By this time they have been married  for 9 years and have had five children. Florence is to have sadly died only 3 years after this photo was taken.

What is great about this photo is that it gives you an insight into your ancestors leisure times and social activities. The fact that they both went to watch football together shows a shared social interest (although I am presuming that Florence enjoyed watching football, I may be wrong!) It also makes sense that later on in time their son Henry (who was 3 at the time of the photo) was mad about football and played well in the school team.

New St. Junior 1940 - 1941

Henry Rabet Jr. is sitting in the front row, first on the right. Notice the date on this photo, I wonder if it was taken just before Jersey was occupied by the Germans during World War 2? It is likely that this may have been New Street Primary’s football team (the school no longer exists). Henry was living at 45 New Street, Jersey with his father the time this photo was taken.

Anyway, I know very little about the Muratti football games and therefore had to do a little research online. The Muratti is the annual men’s football competition which began in 1905 and is between Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney. The only years where the Muratti did not go ahead was during World War One 1915 – 1919 and World War Two 1940 – 1946.  The teams wear their island colours of green and white (Guernsey) and red and white (Jersey) and blue and white (Alderney).  I came across the website: Guernsey  FA and amazingly enough they have a History section which includes the Junior Muratti Guernsey Team and results:

Date & Place: 1933 April 20 – Jersey

Score: Jersey 4 Guernsey 2.

Team players: R Le Tissier, E Sauvage, W Breton, N Brouard, C Guilbert, G Taylor, H Duquemin, W Stevens, R Martel, S Robert, E Le Flocq.

These are the Guernsey players and I don’t recognise any family names. I couldn’t find the list of players for the Jersey team, but I will try and find them. The website was a great find as it confirmed the date of the Muratti, plus Florence’s grandfather was born in Guernsey so maybe she had family playing in one of the teams???

If you recognise anyone else in either of the photos, I would love to hear from you!


  1. Remember your great grandparents well, I was a daily customer at their little shop in New St and got absolutely everything there except fresh meat and bread ( this was in the 50’s) am I right in thinking that your great aunt Olive also worked in the shop? Long ago memories.!!

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and contributing your knowledge. I was unaware that the Rabet’s ran a shop or that there was an Olive. I quickly e-mailed my mum to ask her about this and this this is her reply:

      “Yes there was an Aunty Olive who lived just opposite St Helier Girls School, lovely old girl who cooked lovely brisket soup.”


  2. The Jersey team was – Burtenshaw, Malzard, Freeman, Hitchcock, Cummins, Gamblin, O’Neill, Carpenter, Le Feuvre, Boyd & Benest.

    It was played two weeks later than you have (4 May 1933)

    Over 2,000 Jersey supporters travelled over on the St. Julien and the Isle of Jersey.

    Guernsey won the match 4-1 which was played at the Cycling Grounds “Track” which still exists

  3. Hi Ramona. Would like to get a copy of the photos if that is possible. I only have one picture with mother in law Florence taken with father in law Barbra Grace and Henry is a baby. Interesting. Regards . Marie x
    Ps. Your mum is very proud of her children and grandchildren x

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