DNA Test Kit – mtDNA


Maternal Lineage DNA Test (mtDNA)

About a month ago I treated myself to a DNA Test Kit. I selected the Maternal Lineage DNA Test (mtDNA) to start off with. The following statement comes from the DNA information page on Ancestry.com:

‘The DNA handed down from mother to child reveals the story of your maternal origins from 20,000 to 100,000 years ago’.

This subject intrigues me. I look forward to what I will find out and am excited about any unexpected surprises.

I have a reasonably good idea of where my female ancestry comes from but that only dates back to 200 years ago. I know that my Great great great grandmother Ann Mahaut is from France.  I have already written a little about my female ancestry  previously, called Follow your female line!

I felt it was important to try and keep a record of my female ancestry as this

can so often be one of the hardest ancestral lines to trace for many reasons.

It was quite difficult knowing which DNA Testing company to go with. I did have a good look around all the websites. I opted in the end for one where I am already a subscriber to their Family Tree website. I am sure this will not be the one and only test I take or encourage other family members to take for me.

One swab already complete!

It is quite comical how a little nervous you can feel about something that was so easy to do! I have had the test at home for about a week, yet there were two reasons I had taken a little time before I completed the test:

  1. I wanted the house to myself to do it in peace and quiet with no children around – there is no end to the amount of things children can do with the test swabs!
  2. I wanted to wait till after the weekend when my consumption of red wine had disappeared from my system as I didn’t want the results to be affected by the alcohol. (Maybe it wouldn’t have been , but I have a very limited understanding of Science, and just trying to understand the science of DNA tests has been a challenge in itself!)

Anyway, I shall wait for the results and write more about it then… speak to you soon!

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