WW1 soldiers in Jersey on Agricultural training


Article cut out from the Jersey Evening Post - 16th July 2009


The image above is from the local paper in Jersey, Channel Islands. it is about a local historian who is trying to find out more about the little known subject of soldiers based in Jersey at the end of WW1. This is something I am very interested in too.

The trouble with researching family trees is that there can be an awful lot of ‘hearsay’s’ and ‘apparently’s’. This is a post about my great grandfather who ‘apparently’ was an Australian soldier during World War One and at some time was based in Jersey, Channel Islands (which is how he met my great grandmother).

This is not a subject that many people seem to know a lot about if anything at all. So I thought it was time to put it out there in the hope that one day a reader will know what I am talking about.

This is the little I know:

Apparently there were not enough boats to send soldiers back to their home countries once the war had ended. So in the meantime a project was set up ‘through the efforts of a Lieutenant benest’, according to the article above,  in order to train these men with skills they would be able to take back with them, such as agricultural training. This incentive was not just set up in Jersey but in England too. There was an Australian group of soldiers in the Island at the time.

That is all I know for the meantime, but should more information come my way then I shall write more about it. Unless you know more!


One thought on “WW1 soldiers in Jersey on Agricultural training

  1. Recently a reader wrote to me with the following message:

    “I was intrigued to read about the Australian Soldiers in Jersey in the early 1900’s. My uncles mother met and married (in Jersey in 1918)Samuel Baker who was in the Australian Navy and also knew a Ronald Chappell also of the Australian navy. Do you know why the Australian Navy were in Jersey and how long they were here for? I have also been unable to trace when they both left Jersey for Australia, but it was before late 1921 as their child was born in Australia.
    Look forward to hearing from you.”

    So you see, there are more of us wanting to find out about this past event. If you know more or think you may be connected to Suzanne please contact me as I would love to hear anything extra you may know!


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