Using a Search Engine to research surnames – Lozuet

I have often typed a surname that I am researching into the  search box on my Google page. I have found this quite an interesting way to find out information about the name I am researching. With a surname like ‘Davey’ thousands of pages come up, to be precise 8,200,000 reults! With a name like ‘Lozuet’ , I get 1, 910 results. Quite a significant difference as you can see!

I search this way from time to time hoping something new will come up that I have not read before. To my surprise I found out quite a few things recently.

Lazarevic – Lozuet de Bokor-Kreki

Firstly I came across a page written in Serbian about descendants of Duke Lazarevic Luke, one of them being a Lazarevic – Lozuet de Bokor-Kreki. Now before you get too excited about the possibility of being related to nobility, I have only just come across this person. Secondly although Wikipedia do a good job of translating the page from Serbian to English it is still quite a complicated hierarchy of who is who.

The reason I have found this find of interest is that I am keen to discover where the name Lozuet comes from. I know that there are a handful in Jersey, Channel Islands who originally came from France. Some of these Jersey Lozuets also emigrated to Australia quite a few years ago and I have been in contact with some of them. (I discovered one of them through Facebook another useful medium to research family surnames).  So to find the name ‘Lozuet’ as part of a bigger name intrigues me.

Who is Mirko Lazarevic – Lozuet de Bokor-Kreki? According to Wikipedia he was a lawyer who has lived in exile in France. He married Countess Christine de Lozuet Bokor-Krek who was the last in line to Count Geoffrey of tree-Krek (1908-1986) (Geoffroy de Beaucorps-Créquy). As there were no sons to carry on the surname, it was then passed onto Christine’s husband and their sons. So Mirko Lazarevic took on his French wife’s surname Lozuet de Bokor-Kreki. This is very useful information as we find out now that it is the wifes name and therefore it is her family I need to look into to discover their history and where the name ‘Lozuet’ came from. What does ‘Lozuet de Bokor mean? Is this a place? And finally it brings me back to France where the Lozuet de Beaucorps-Crequy family were from. Also look at how similar the two surnames are or have been transformed to suit the different nationalities: Bokor-Kreki / Beaucorps-Crequy.

Jean-Claud Lozuet

The other name I came across on Google search was Jean-Claud Lozuet, a French businessman and member of the Chamber of Commerce France-Brazil. This find was a tragic and mystifying story about a plane that just went missing over the Atlantic Ocean on the 1st June 2009. Sadly, Jean-Claud was one of the many missing on the Flight 477 from Rio de Janiero to Paris. To read and find out more about the events of this flight go to the following link:

Paul Lozuet

On a post for the ‘Forum pages of History’ I found a Paul Lozuet who it seems died at Guincourt, as he was one of the …’ soldiers who fell during the battle that we now call the ‘Combats of Touteron’. Should this be of great interest or relevance to you and your research, here is the link:

So my conclusion is that so far Lozuet looks like it is definately of french origins and if you have tried this method of searching your family names, don’t give up, people are adding information to world wide web everyday! Otherwise, Goodluck with your own research and I hope this was of some help to you, and if it was of no help at least I hope you found it interesting!

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  1. Hi, I’m from Normandy. There are a lot of “Lozouet” in the villages on the coast in front of Jersey, in the parish of Surville, for example. Il you know Jean Lozouet’s age of death, i can search for you, if you want, of course.

    1. Hi Philippe,

      Thank you for visiting My Channel Island Ancestry. I’m afraid I do not know Jean Louis Desire Lozuets’s date of death, although I have recently found out that he was born in 1833. Thank you again for offering to do a look up.


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