Family Name – Davey

Jersey Evening Post – Temps Passe

The above picture is a cut out from the Temps Passe Section in the local newspaper in Jersey called the Jersey Evening Post or otherwise known as the ‘J.E.P.’ It was this little piece of history from 1916 that started my quest into my family history. Being a ‘Davey’ myself I was curious to find out if I was related to Captain William Davey. I have yet to find out the exact connection. As you can see I cut the piece out of the paper on the 17th January 1991.


Spelling variations: Davie, Davey, Davy

The origins of the name are apperently Celtic. Common in England and Scotland, but particularly common in Wales where I have been told that ‘Davey means ‘friendly’ or ‘darling’‘. I have found no Welsh connection yet.

If you are interested to see the distribution of this name in 1881 then go to the following link: . It appears most often in the towns of Exeter and Truro, England.

I have managed to get back as far as 1821 with my Davey family. When they arrived in Jersey and where from I have yet to find out? This is what I have found out so far…

24 July 1821William Davy & Mary de France baptised their son Isaac William.  The God parents are William Leto & Catherine de France.  Catherine de France is very possibly Mary’s sister. (details from Baptism Book for St. Helier)


John Davey – born circa 1760


William Davy – was born  c.1790 in West Coker, Somerset, England. At some point he was working as a Carter. His wife was Mary de France. He died in Jersey. Their children were:

Rachel Mary Davey - 1813

Mary Ann Davey – b.1819

Isaac William Davey – b.1821

(William) George Davey – b.1826


Isaac William Davey (1821) married Ann (Nancy) Le Breton. Their children were:

Isaac William Davey – b.1851

Cpt. William Davey – b.1852 (is this the Captain mentioned in the article above?)

Ann ‘Annie’ Elizabeth Davey – b.1855

Mary Frances Davey – b.1856

Esther Davey – b.1856

Celia Davey – b.1862

Matilda Davey – b.1863

Selina Davey – b.1869

Interesting note: The age gap was so big between the oldest child Isaac to his youngest sibling Selina, that at the age of 18, Isaac is recorded as being her godparent on the baptism records!

Isaac William Davey (1851) married Ellenora Goodge (Eleanore Goudge). Their children were:

Isaac Davey – b.1877

James Davey – b.1879

Elenora Davey – b.1881

George Perchard Davey – b.1885 (my great grandfather)

Violet May Davey – b.1893 (Violet married Willroy Bryant)


George Perchard Davey (1885) married twice. His first wife was Ada Margaret Barette. His second wife was Clara Lozuet (my great grandmother). George and Ada apparently had five children. I have only been able to find out about one of them:

George Davey – b.1911

George and Clara’s child was:

Kenneth George Davey – b.1924 (My grandfather)


Kenneth Davey married Grace Rabet. Their children are:

Susan Davey (my mother)

and 8 other children.

4 thoughts on “Family Name – Davey

    • Yes, you are absolutely right, i will fix that. Thanks for checking it out for me. In fact in 1821 our ancestor’s surname is spelt without an ‘e – William Davy who married Mary De France.

  1. ronnie says:

    hi mo , if you need some pictures of pop’s i have a few. by the way it is the anniversary of his passing, today, 3rd jan.


    • Hi Ronnie,

      Thanks for your message, I have been up to the Jersey Crematorium with mum today and taken a photo of the message to pop (Ken) in the Book of Remembrance on the Anniversary of his death two years ago today.


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